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Ian Moore
Ian Moore video premiere in Glide Magazine

“Glide is excited to premiere the video for “You Gotta Know”, a triumphant song that finds Moore lampooning rich, entitled hipster kids who, in his own words, “get their marching orders from Pitchfork and fill their brains with coke and MDMA, looking for soul and depth,” Moore explains. “The chorus is a way of claiming my space as a person that has been slogging it out, in and out of fashion for most of my career, with a deeper sense of music, style and substance than the people that might quickly write me off.” The song itself is a loose and rollicking rock and roll romp with a sound that veers into punk terrain. It also finds Moore throwing in trippy, Jimi Hendrix-like verses and of course a gloriously vicious guitar solo before ultimately screaming out the chorus like a wild man. The song is a perfect encapsulation of everything that Moore does well, from writing infectious, punchy lyrics to shredding guitar like it’s nobody’s business.”

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