(video directed by Mick Leonardi)

Track five from Tim Easton’s most recent album (“AMERICAN

FORK”) is called “ALASKAN BARS PART 1.” It blasts out of the

gate with a slide riff performed by Easton on a $100 dollar Kay

acoustic guitar run through a Fender tube amp. A drunken bar

band ruckus ensues as Easton sings us the tail of an unfortunate

Alaskan Bar fly making his way geographically and spiritually

South from the Fairbanks area all the way to Halibut Cove on the

Kenai Peninsula. “All those bars are real,” says Easton, “and the

characters you meet there are bound to alter your life and make

you want to write. I’ve been to Alaska every Summer for fifteen

years now, so I’ve seen some stuff, caught a lot of fish, and quite

a few buzzes too.”

Nashville videographer Mick Leonardi happened to have

captured the actual recording of the track on film, plus the

acoustic rehearsal that happened minutes before the recording,

and here it is presented for all to see exactly how the this

particular track, plus the entire American Fork album was actually

recorded, minus the “devil voice” that was added by Texas

songwriter Brian Wright after the basic tracks were cut.


in North America and AT THE HELM RECORDS in the U.K.



T. Easton, guitar, vocals. Jon Radford, drums. Michael Rinne,

bass. Robbie Crowell, organ. Brian Wright, devil voice. Mixed,

mastered, and produced by Patrick Damphier.


I got drunk at the Golden Eagle.

Started groping inappropriate people.

They tossed me out of that old place.

I had to wait five days just to show my face.

Made my way down to the Fairview Inn

where the band got paid in chicken skin.

I found a dog or the dog found me,

and we both woke up in the Fireweed.

Pulled in late to the old Brown Bear,

heard a song about a rocking chair.

The fish were in with a little rain

so I hitched on down the Turnagain.

The Seaview’s quiet on a Monday night,

but when the humpy’s run it feels just right.

The clouds rolled back and the river ran high.

Ran into a friend and we got very very high

(but that’s another song).

By the time we got to Kharacters,

we sang with a mighty thirst.

Future came and took my order,

and poured one round of Kassik’s Porter.

Rolled on down to the Salty Dog,

most definitely in a fog.

Wrote your name on a greenback dollar

and pinned it to a tourist’s collar.

Crossed the bay into Halibut Cove,

warmed ourselves by a magic stove.

If you want to take this same journey

don’t do it alone, please take me.

Boot’s in the slammer, Dirty’s on the lam.

Alaskan Bars Part I is over.

I might have missed a few but now I’m sober.

If you want part two then you’re invited

to grab a pen, sit down and write it.

Words and music by T. Easton

Campfire Propaganda Songs 2016/ASCAP

American Aquarium & Tim Easton


MAR 3 FRI Kulturrampe – Krefeld, Germany
MAR 4 SAT Real Music Club – Lauchhammer, Germany
MAR 5 SUN Music Star – Norderstedt, Germany
MAR 7 TUE Southside Cavern – Stockholm, Sweden
MAR 8 WED Kulturkvarteret – Kristianstad, Sweden
MAR 9 THU Tryckhallen – Falkenberg, Sweden
MAR 10 FRI Gaml – Oslo, Norway
MAR 11 SAT Garage Bar – Höganäs, Sweden
MAR 12 SUN Folk & Rock – Malmo, Sweden
MAR 14 TUE Q-Bus – Leiden, Netherlands
MAR 15 WED De Spieghel – Groningen, Netherlands
MAR 16 THU Sugar Factory – Amsterdam, Netherlands
MAR 17 FRI Luxor Live – Arnhem, Netherlands
MAR 18 SAT W2 – Den Bosch, Netherlands
MAR 19 SUN Grenswerk – Venlo, Netherlands
MAR 21 TUE Night & Day – Manchester, United Kingdom
MAR 22 WED The Borderline – London, United Kingdom
MAR 23 THU Glee Club – Nottingham, United Kingdom
MAR 24 FRI The Bullingdon – Oxford, United Kingdom
MAR 25 SAT The Cluny – Newcastle, United Kingdom


Eric Ambel - Lakeside

Eric Ambel, “Lakeside” –

Shuffling on with “Here Comes My Love,” Eric “Roscoe” Ambel has delivered a rarity in 2016 — a rock ‘n’ roll album powered by serious guitar.

Taking the album title from his now shuttered New York City bar, the Lakeside Lounge, Ambel decries the move away from live bands in “Hey Mr. DJ” then shows why guitars rule anywhere, anytime.

Four of the 10 songs on the record run to about five minutes, allowing Ambel — lead guitarist in Joan Jett’s original version of the Blackhearts, a Del Lord and Steve Earle sideman — to stretch out with his wicked fretwork, playing it melodic and shimmering on the “riding around with her rag top down” tale of “Miss Ohio,” nice and dirty on “Don’t Make Me Break You Down” and bringing the “Buyback Blues.”

There’s some Ramones-ish punk rock on “Massive Confusion” and a great cover of Barrett Strong’s “Money (That’s What I Want)” that turns the Motown classic into twisting rock ‘n’ roll — a clinching blast on the record that Ambel, one of the top roots rock producers, crafted in his studio. Grade: A

Austin Lucas video premiere from American Songwriter
American Songwriter premiere video

American Songwriter debuts Austin Lucas “Wrong Side of the Dream” featuring Lydia Loveless! Catch Austin at the Americana Music Fest in Nashville this September.

“I wrote ‘Wrong Side of the Dream’ with my dear friend Jodi James,” says Lucas. “She and I were definitely firing on all cylinders that day. There were more than a few moments where we just looked at each other, feeling that shared excitement of creating something that we both knew was beautiful. I’ll never forget the satisfaction I got when we sang the whole thing all the way through that first time.”

The collaboration with Loveless came about after Lucas reached out to the singer ahead of a recent Nashville show. “Lydia and I have known each other loosely for a while,” says Lucas. “We hung out a little here and there, and I’ve always been in awe of her voice, her songwriting and her presence. When the time came to record this album, I saw that she in Nashville playing a show. So I wrote her and asked if she was interested in singing a duet with me. She said yes and I was extremely pleased with the result.”

Watch the video on the American Songwriter website:

Video Premiere: Austin Lucas, “Wrong Side Of The Dream” feat. Lydia Loveless



Austin Lucas Moon in the Midwest Tour
Austin Lucas Tour

We are excited to announce that Austin Lucas has added four extra dates to his tour schedule ahead of the extensive October/ November European Tour. These special full band shows are in support of the critically acclaimed album ‘Between The Moon & The Midwest’.

“Between The Moon & The Midwest may slot in what looks to outsiders like a narrow gap between Sturgill Simpson’s cosmic choogle and the harder rock of Jason Isbell, but in country terms that’s a canyon – and it belongs to Austin Lucas” Q Magazine

“With a voice that falls between God-given and refined by years of training, it bleeds tradition and adds gravitas to his words”. – Popmatters

08/25 Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI
08/26 NaKato Bar & Grill – Mankato, MN
08/27 Historic Vista Theatre – Negaunee, MI
08/28 Chop Shop – Chicago, IL