Jason Kutchma

Last Chance Records is proud to present the fourth album from Durham, NC’s Jason Kutchma. Building on his previous efforts of Pastorals and Sundown USA, Blue Highways is an engaging work of spacious Americana, an Edward Hopper painting presented as three interwoven pieces: an album, a book and a film. Inspired by the road trip novels of John Steinbeck, William Least-Heat Moon and the photography of Robert Frank, Blue Highways is an album cinematic in nature. With nine songs that play over the course of one forty-minute track, Kutchma explores the lives of characters who have found themselves with unsatisfied wanderlust.

JK: “My favorite road trips began at either dusk or dawn. I set out to make an album for that weird crepuscular blue, an album starting before the sun’s rise or set and ending with the turn of the key in the car’s ignition.

I didn’t want any of our playing on the album to be sure handed. I sabotaged myself and the crew. I wanted double and triple-checking the luggage and packing list before take-off, second-guessing as you creak open the car door to leave.”

During rehearsals, Jason swapped musical roles within the Five Fifths and requested unfamiliar approaches to their instruments. The decision proved crucial. Like the beginning of many journeys, there is apprehension within the confidence of these songs, an understanding: though the path and the destination itself may change, the decision to leave will not.



Sundown, USA